Dead 💀 Coins

Curated list of cryptocurrencies forgotten by this world.


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Launched January 9 2014. 30s blocks, 40-coin block award. 'Alien420' made the announcement, 'Hendo420' is a dev. Both accounts have ID hidden. Appears to be largely a clone of 42coin - in fact the initial client attempted to use the same RPC port so you couldn't have both at once. Launch announcement claimed there was a 1% premine and a 200M coin total money supply. On Jan 11, block explorer revealed a 200M coin premine and source code revealed a 400M coin total money supply. On Jan 12, the existing blockchain was abandoned and aliencoin was relaunched with a 2M coin premine and a 200M coin money supply. Arrived at an exchange March 15 2014 when its market capitalization was about $1000. Market cap most recently seen on 16 June 2014 was $4046