Dead 💀 Coins

Curated list of cryptocurrencies forgotten by this world.


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Created 7 Jan 2014 by 'Mogui', a newbie account with hidden ID/email information. Etoken achieved a market cap of US$418K on Jan 17. Mogui outlined a 'rare' coin with 1 reward per block, but used a 'fancy' reward schedule with bonus blocks. There was an x2 bonus for the first 20K blocks, an x200 bonus on any block that was zero modulo 1000, and an x2500 bonus on any block that was zero modulo 10000. Now, for those who aren't thinking deviously enough or haven't realized the implications of all those bonuses applying at the same time, that means that the ten thousandth and twenty thousandth block paid a cool million coins each. So much for the 'rare' coin. People who did figure this out