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Scams Hacks Parody Deceased



0 Comments don't know why dead, just found it and seems legit. used Scrypt algo
0 Comments ICO with no team, no product. Closed in november after raising ~$40k worth of eth at price at the time. No communication before or since.
0 Comments Hasn't been mineable since Oct 2017. Only listed on YoBit. QED.
0 Comments Check the blockchain, check their website, chain is dead
0 Comments The developer abandoned this project.
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0 Comments Cappasity coin is dead dump all time , they distribute many coins for free, even though it is a company with good sponsorship, soon that coin will cost 100 satoshis! volume is super low as people have already realized it to be scam!
0 Comments Died on the way to the moon. :(
Charnacoin was a Monero clone that also cloned all of the original problems the early Monero code had. These issues led to a coin that would allow a great deal of double spending. The only exchange, southxchange, stopped trading. The devs p... Read more
0 Comments Scum
0 Comments Russian fork
0 Comments It had a sick logo.
0 Comments Failed ICO. No refunds were given. Exit scam.
0 Comments Failed ICO
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0 Comments Being confused with ELYTE
0 Comments Scam
0 Comments The source code was forked from BTC v0.13 and has been not updated since 21 Oct 2016, which is more than one year ago.
0 Comments Download dead, blockchain dead, no nodes to connect to
0 Comments Hirocoin uses X11 and the best security available to secure our users and future
0 Comments The coin was dead before and they have tried to give it a second life by changing it from HTML5 to HTML. Just a couple a days ago the team have been in a huge fight and are considering a fork.
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*A Scam, developers selling it for BTC *No roadmap, *NO incubator or startup investors in INDIA are backing any cryptocurrency * Check their website at the bottom you will find a ridiculous explanation about why people are ... Read more
0 Comments Made by a dad as a birthday present for his daughter. No support, no development, no business model.
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0 Comments Dead on CoinMarketCap:
0 Comments removed from any exchange, development died several years ago. Also was heavily premined by freetrade who has now moved on to other projects.
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0 Comments Last github commit was a year ago.
0 Comments It's not dead - it's pining for fjords!!
0 Comments Created by the community in April of 2014, and named after its creator, Omniscient, omnicoin is a coin that has since all but died.
0 Comments No Exchange selling this coin and there is no Wallet
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0 Comments This coin traded on LTC on Cryptopia. Cryptopia closed DOGE base
0 Comments Project is dead.
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0 Comments Launched in bitcoingarden forum in October 2017. Never even reached an exchange.
0 Comments It died in January as everyone knows
0 Comments I mean, just the name, look at the naaaame!
0 Comments scam
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