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Scams Hacks Parody Deceased



0 Comments Launched Feb 12 2014. The client was malware; it contained a wallet stealer and key logger.
0 Comments Launched Jan 4 2014. The client was wallet stealing malware.
0 Comments This coin was created by a programmer named Boris Podvod (Podvod means scam in Czech). Later, Max Kordek, a manager who knows nothing about programming, stole the codebase and effectively killed Crypti. It was the first JavaScript decentral... Read more
0 Comments Launched Jan 13 2014. The client was malware; it contained a wallet stealer and remote desktop.
0 Comments it's been called a "wallet stealing scamcoin" - I haven't had time to look closer than that.
0 Comments Launched Feb 21 2014. The client was malware; it contained a remote desktop exploit.
0 Comments Stacycoin was apparently a fork of DRK. Although Stacycoin itself was apparently legit, it got re-announced in a second thread by 'werrty', and in 'werrty's announcement the link to the precompiled windows wallet was replaced with a link t... Read more
0 Comments I created it and it was stolen. I have blocked in all exchanges. You can read anywhere on Google. My wife and I worked hard every day 7 days a week and put in around $300,000 and got scammed of all of it. They took our database and all the... Read more
0 Comments Thecoin was malware; the wallet contained a keyboard recorder, and the dev apparently hoped to get the passwords people were using for their wallets. It's unknown how often that scam succeeded, or how many suckers were using the same passw... Read more
0 Comments Tradercoin was malware. It contained a keylogger to try to get passwords, and a wallet stealer to try to get files to use the passwords on.
0 Comments Launched Dec 27 2013. The client was malware; it contained a key logger, wallet stealer and remote desktop.