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0 Comments The developers released cloned Codecanyon games and stop development after this, apparently it was scam.
0 Comments Scam
0 Comments In the 2013 timeframe, apparently a pure IPO scam. The scammer accepted BTC in payment for AeroCoins, and then disappeared with the BTC. Not to be confused with a different Aerocoin
0 Comments Haha this brings back memories. Aiden is another LTC clone shitcoin I made which the idiots and Poloniex listed. I just changed some scrypt parameters and scammed people by calling it GPU friendly. I made so much BTC from this shitcoin it's... Read more
0 Comments scam
0 Comments Dev sold 100+ masternodes to community, then deleted the website, telegram and discord and disappeared.
0 Comments SCAM. Supposed to revolutionize the way we pay for flights, claimed associacions with various airlines. No updates twitter feed dead, and no response to comunication since ICO
0 Comments this is SCAMMMM
0 Comments 1. News article (Korean): 2. Selling their domain name 3. Their team member mentions they did Pump & Dump publically on their tweet
0 Comments It was the most successful ponzi-scheme in crypto so far. After the team announced to close their platform, everyone tried to sell their coins and the price dropped from $320 to $20 in only 24 hours. The scam was so successful that some peo... Read more
0 Comments Voting Platform coin. Great idea, but apparently didn't reach cap so they refunded some and scammed others. Anyone who bought in the pre-sale had their ethereum stolen and got nothing in return but worthless, untradeable coins.
0 Comments A scam coin made by a scammer
0 Comments ICO meant to back hardware miners, ICO was never refunded and website disappeared. Dev disappeared.
0 Comments Founders went missing after ICO
0 Comments $10 ICO price, no development, no progress. Current price is around 8 cent with no volume. Complete scam.
0 Comments Data missing. Add it!
0 Comments Exit scammed
0 Comments Found on Bitcointalk. Upcoming ICO. Zero technical information in whitepaper which was full of pseudo-intelligent sounding buzzwords and false references. Telegram admin directs people to webinar, where their "CEO" offers $300 worth of devi... Read more
0 Comments Ponzi scheme project, a copy of OneCoin
0 Comments Brazilian Presidencial Coin, for "Dilma Predisenta". Project dead. Website Offline.
0 Comments My name is Bryce Adam Weiner and we had a lot of fun with Dirac :) This is the tale of 2 cons. I had conned the creator of Blakecoin, BlueDragon747 into adding merged mining into his shitcoin which worked out well as he was a competent deve... Read more
0 Comments Shortly after the ico ended and tokens were issued, their website has gone down ( and social medias went quiet.
0 Comments Promoted by YouTubers, creator doxxed by LEGENDARY BitcoinTalk forum member, exit scammed
0 Comments Exit scam, printed 1 Trillion tokens and made out like bandits
0 Comments ICO stopped. Website gone. Got away with 2.3 Million US
0 Comments Scam coin ICO with plagiarized white paper. Apparently collected around ten million US dollars before making one last blog post ( and disappearing.
0 Comments Huge P&D by the creators. Dripped ETHD every week on BCT, piggybacked the ETH name not endorsed by vitalik
0 Comments 1. Same team member which involved in Bitcoin Platinum scam 2. Their official website is dead while long: 3. They didn't wrote ANY code during past 3 months
0 Comments A well crafted scam coin that tried imitating "IOTA" - They claimed to have a partnership with Samsung which was fake. They disappeared after their ICO ended.
0 Comments A clone of quark, claimed to have a fairer initial distribution. Claiming to have something people want is the first step in both introducing a valuable innovation and in promoting a scam. Which was it in this case?
0 Comments Franko is a shitcoin LTC clone I made to scam people. It took me about 30 minutes to make and made me a tidy sum of money. It was my first scam. Not my best scam but the first of many. Through making FRK I understood how to scam people and ... Read more
0 Comments doesn't work after ico and team disappeared after ico.
0 Comments After the release, they dumped the coin by selling it all.
0 Comments An IPO scam. Gullible people pledged BTC to get Instapay coins, and the scammer disappeared with their BTC.
0 Comments The website vanished. It published paid reviews in well known crypto news site such as this: They also invented the word Aninote an... Read more
0 Comments Scam
0 Comments Scammers collected ETH in an ICO and simply vanished. Never listed the coin on any exchange and hence no calue at all
0 Comments SCAM
0 Comments A fake brazilian cryptocurrency that supposedly would give daily incomes of over 1% to it's investors. It was shutdown by the brazilian police on September 21, 2017.
0 Comments It used to be listed on Cryptsy(RIP), and then it was an exit scam. I own a lot of it....
0 Comments Used to be glorious, worth more than almighty BitCoin, but then winter came.
0 Comments Mass coin was just a plain scam runed by the Mycelium brand they collet the money and never deliver anything but a lame chrome extension supposedly built to monetize ads in a browser, like MT tokens of the cowdsale of Mycellium shares they ... Read more
it is a fraud coin ,run by amit bhardwaj scammer
0 Comments Its dead because the ICO was a scam, still have 5800 cool coins though.
This was a crowdsale of shares by Mycelium Wallet, they ran away with the funds and never answer anything before just fade away with 3 Millions worth of Bitcoin
0 Comments Evidently a pure IPO scam. The scammer accepted BTC, LTC, and NXT from people who thought they were buying NeonCoins, then disappeared with the money.
0 Comments Project started by Barwizi from Bitcointalk. Started off good but in the end disappeared with funds that were supposedly to be invested into projects creating income for NRS shareholders. Barwizi seems to be working for Crypterium now so ... Read more
0 Comments Coin was a scam from the beginning and last less the a month after ico on livecoin.
0 Comments Ruja Ignatova created it. Multi billion dollar Ponzi scam. Pretneded to have a blockchain and cryptocurrency called 'OneCoin' which was all lies. No existing blockchain and no genuine cryptocurrency. Not on an exchange. Created as a ponzi s... Read more
0 Comments A Russian Team trying to conduct an IPO scam. No working product or platform. Has fake website links and YouTube videos which only link to falsified social media accounts. The qualifications for the team members cannot be verified by the... Read more
0 Comments I have purchased at cryptopia. afterfew days website is down. even contact us link is fake, all the explorers down( No update in twitter.
0 Comments was this a scammer counting on people mistyping the name of primecoin when they made buy/sell orders?
0 Comments Prodeum is... was a Lithuanian startup, they took $6M, website had only a word penis written on it, getaway scam.
0 Comments i bought into the ico but the coin was never listed and the coins can only be used for usage on their audlt entertainment website.
0 Comments After ICO was over, twitter, website and all connections were shut down, all money stolen.
0 Comments Developers have run away
Didn't follow coin distribution in white paper, people invested, started producing a ton more coins than promised. Deleted all social media.
0 Comments Apparently a pure IPO scam. 45 BTC were sent to the scammer by people who believed they were buying Shares. And disappeared.
0 Comments It was never really alive in the first place
0 Comments A scam fund. Deleted its social media as soon as the evidence began piling up. Very professional scam who payed lawyers to make it more credible.
0 Comments Aimed to "decentralize the seed market using blockchain technology". Initial investors lost their money when the CEO used funds to purchase "extremely rare seeds" and repair a hole in her kitchen due to a small fire.
0 Comments It's a scam and site is closed
0 Comments scam coin allegedly based on urea mineral markets
0 Comments Dev was tied up for a few days on may 10th 2015, some say he is still tied up to this day.
0 Comments Apparently a pure IPO scam.
0 Comments This did not last long enough to warrant a cease and desist order from VISA, although the prospect of one should have warned off any investors who thought about it. VISA was apparently a pure IPO scam; 135 BTC were sent by people who thoug... Read more
0 Comments Another IPO scam. People sent BTC to the scammer who claimed he would sell them VisnCoins. The scammer and their money disappeared.
0 Comments Turned out to be a scam ICO
0 Comments Zilliqa is simply dead there is no way around it. it left this note Goodbye cruel world - signed Zilliqa