Dead 💀 Coins

Curated list of cryptocurrencies forgotten by this world.

by @matixmatix
Scams Hacks Parody



0 Comments The developers released cloned Codecanyon games and stop development after this, apparently it was scam.
0 Comments Scam
0 Comments In the 2013 timeframe, apparently a pure IPO scam. The scammer accepted BTC in payment for AeroCoins, and then disappeared with the BTC. Not to be confused with a different Aerocoin
0 Comments Haha this brings back memories. Aiden is another LTC clone shitcoin I made which the idiots and Poloniex listed. I just changed some scrypt parameters and scammed people by calling it GPU friendly. I made so much BTC from this shitcoin it's... Read more
0 Comments scam
0 Comments It is dead because Vinny Lingham only created it to earn back all the bitcoin he lost shorting bitcoin around $2000. He has not done anything with the development of the coin or its "features", which can be shown in its; ever since it got p... Read more
0 Comments Exit scammed
0 Comments Scam coin ICO with plagiarized white paper. Apparently collected around ten million US dollars before making one last blog post ( and disappearing.
0 Comments A clone of quark, claimed to have a fairer initial distribution. Claiming to have something people want is the first step in both introducing a valuable innovation and in promoting a scam. Which was it in this case?
0 Comments Franko is a shitcoin LTC clone I made to scam people. It took me about 30 minutes to make and made me a tidy sum of money. It was my first scam. Not my best scam but the first of many. Through making FRK I understood how to scam people and ... Read more
0 Comments After the release, they dumped the coin by selling it all.
0 Comments An IPO scam. Gullible people pledged BTC to get Instapay coins, and the scammer disappeared with their BTC.
0 Comments Scam
0 Comments It used to be listed on Cryptsy(RIP), and then it was an exit scam. I own a lot of it....
0 Comments Evidently a pure IPO scam. The scammer accepted BTC, LTC, and NXT from people who thought they were buying NeonCoins, then disappeared with the money.
0 Comments Coin was a scam from the beginning and last less the a month after ico on livecoin.
0 Comments was this a scammer counting on people mistyping the name of primecoin when they made buy/sell orders?
0 Comments Developers have run away
Didn't follow coin distribution in white paper, people invested, started producing a ton more coins than promised. Deleted all social media.
0 Comments Apparently a pure IPO scam. 45 BTC were sent to the scammer by people who believed they were buying Shares. And disappeared.
0 Comments It's a scam and site is closed
0 Comments scam coin allegedly based on urea mineral markets
0 Comments Apparently a pure IPO scam.
0 Comments This did not last long enough to warrant a cease and desist order from VISA, although the prospect of one should have warned off any investors who thought about it. VISA was apparently a pure IPO scam; 135 BTC were sent by people who thoug... Read more
0 Comments Another IPO scam. People sent BTC to the scammer who claimed he would sell them VisnCoins. The scammer and their money disappeared.
0 Comments Turned out to be a scam ICO